Quar Christmas!

Posted Dec 25, 2006, 6:00:29 PM
A christmas card for all the members of Quar!

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  • Jan 5, 2007
    Ah~ This makes me smile. <3 I like the face of the character with the red shirt. And Fiona's expression. And Sanura's skin color and belled hat~ Is this watercolors? I envy your control over the media--like heck I can use the stuff. xD
    • Jan 6, 2007
      Had to learn sooner or later-you should see the stack of watercolors my relatives sent me! I may use them all by the time I graduate college.
      A lot more patience (and luck I think) went into this because it was a gift for four other people. I'm really happy I could capture part of who they where-especially kazekage, the only boy, and fiona,who is just spazty.
      • Jan 6, 2007
        xD Oh my! I have quite a few watercolor and acrylic paints, and haven't used either in a couple years. I'm tempted to go dump them on my old art teacher. I'm sure he wouldn't mind.
        It shows. <3 It turned out lovely. Kazekage's face reminds me of one of my best offline friends. If I had a picture to show you, I would--the resemblance is creepy. xD
        • Jan 9, 2007
          lol-the funny thing is he doesn't really look like the person I was portraying. >o<
          It makes a huge difference if you are using crap Crayola watercolors or good ones like Winsor & Newton. I only drag out the paint for special occasions-presents and things...but acrylics kill me, they really do. >< You screw up and you have to repaint the WHOLE section. With watercolor you just-screw up. ^_^;
          • Jan 9, 2007
            xD;; Aww. Better luck next drawing, I guess.
            *nod* I have varying brand quality in the watercolors I've got, I just don't touch em. xD If my old artwork says anything, I do better with acrylics than with watercolors. (They're not posted anywhere. >.o Just saying.)
  • Dec 26, 2006
    YAY!!!!! it's lovely! and fifleaona is no longer about to stab ME in the head! andIhaveprettyhairandafoxtailandearsand... *glee* I luv you. *glomp*

    *aside to other veiwers* Quar is my roleplaying site, you can find the link on my profile. *nudge*

    *glomps eegirlee again*
    • Dec 26, 2006
      ha-glad ye like it. Quar mods have rocks. The admin has the BIGGEST rock. Oh, and the tree is there just for you too. Happy Holidays!
      • Dec 26, 2006
        just for me? *feels special* and my killer tree-drawing skills which are slowly decaying becuse I don't ever practice? *sniff* *glomp*
  • Dec 25, 2006
    It's us!
    Although the bare tree with a Christmas orb is questionable...I still lubb it!
    -hugs it-
    I've already shown it to everyone =D And I'll continue to show it to /everyone/.
    • Dec 26, 2006
      Dyami has a fascination with trees (sans leaves). I figured we'd have on on Quar. I made it festive. ^ ^




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