Tears from thorns

Posted Dec 28, 2006, 7:15:18 AM
Kinda symbolic: A rose covered itself with a glass so that no one will damage it's petals and no one but utself will suffer from its thorns. Sad... Some people usually do something like that

I'm not so good at digital coloring. Need more practice...

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  • Dec 29, 2006
    Wow...this image is very symbolic. I love the rose in glass quote thing. It hits home and the art goes perfectly with the meaning of the quote. I also think you did a wonderful job with the coloring, specially the rose. Great work!
    • Dec 29, 2006
      Thank you for your comment )

      I myself didn't expect the rose would come out any good ) I do not usually paint still life
  • Dec 29, 2006
    The skin tones are excellent. I think you just need to apply your knowledge of shading in with the color-the rose stem is very flat, and the glass would add a definate shine and feeling of depth. I could see that in the pencil, so I know you can do it. ^ ~
    The symbolism is sad- not because they might cause someone pain, but because they hide themselves away. ... ... ...
    • Dec 29, 2006
      The stem... I agree - it's not shaded at all... I'm lazy. To do it properly I guess I need to add leaves and maybe thorns to the rose as you suggested earlier.
      I might try to do it, along with all the shading, but I'm not sure - I hate to mend old work after I thought it finished.
      I'll keep your comment in mind when making something new ) Thank you )

      And one more "thank you" for understanding. I think I can say much more about this topic... It annoys me a lot that people hide their true selves from each other and it leads only to misunderstandings... But I can't say it even in russian, and my english skills are much worse... I guess I'll keep saying this using drawings ).
  • Jan 9, 2007
    You have a very nice style, and a very unique way of thinking, as well as phrasing your thoughts. Smile Even if it's in a picture, rather than words. I'm better with words, myself, I think. Laughing
    • Jan 10, 2007
      Thank you )
      I guess beng able to use words is a lot more helpful Smile I wish I could...
      Any way is useless if people do not want to listen to you though ...
      • Jan 10, 2007
        Yes, I suppose you have a point. No Smile Such is the life of a writer.
  • Jan 25, 2007
    Wow, i love this piece of urs. Not just the drawing and the coloring, but what its meant to be, about people hurting themselves. So cool! By the way, i think the digital coloring u did on it is great.
    • Jan 25, 2007
      Thank you ) I'm so glad to hear that I was understood )

      Arguing about the quality of coloring is useless I guess ^_^;
      • Jan 25, 2007
        You're very welcome. By what u described about the art, i kinda knew what u meant. It makes total sense. About the quality of the coloring, u would probably win because i still dont know about quality of color yet, lol. But if u explaing it to me, im pretty sure id get ur point of view for why it isnt good. Smile
        • Jan 25, 2007
          Hmmm, you want it? I prefer not to roast my own work in public, so that my point of view won't affect others opinions, but I see lots of mistakes there.
          So if you are interested - you'd better PM me )

          And thanks again for understanding and commenting)
  • Feb 3, 2007
    neat pic i esp like the coloring of the rose
    • Feb 4, 2007
      Thank you ) I worked hard on it )
  • Jan 26, 2009
    I really like it. you should do more like it.




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