RPG Me Mel and Terry

Posted Dec 31, 2006, 8:21:14 PM
Remember this old sketch from long long ago? Well, I finally got around to coloring it. No one probably remembers, but this was based on an RPG animboytoykoi, AmericanReject, and myself did back then. We have long since stopped the RPG, but I really wanted to finish the picture anyway.

Now heres some info on the people, Right to Left.

AmericanReject is looking quite handsome with his fire background and fire ball.  Fire and Darkness were his dominant abilities. I think he may be the best guy Ive ever drawn. So much sexiness coming from a drawing, in my opinion :lol: Hehe

Next, Me! My main ability was to create creatures from my mind, and talk to them as well as to normal animals. The wolf/fox in the background was my pet, Rangu(which youll see colored art of soon enough) Normally, hes not so shiny and whatnot, but he had to be for this image, to even it out.

Finally, animeboytoykoi. Her main ability was to control lightning/light. Shes got blue ish, hyper charged lighting in her background and a bright yellow flash of lightning in her hand ^_^ (and yes, I know her body leans, but it was gonna be too much trouble to fix it, so I left it be)

Im really proud of this piece right now. I think my coloring style is improving...And I love all the shiny magic! Hope everyone else likes it too!

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