Posted Jan 2, 2007, 11:02:04 AM

This is a perfect example of me attempting realism-a little anime always sneaks in. I drew this of my little brother while we were in the car-I didn't like the drawing on the left so I drew it again bigger on the right. He has the cutest grin, it reminds me of a hampster. :3


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  • Jan 2, 2007
    I guess you know what's wrong on the left pic so I'll comment the right one.

    The main mistake here - it seems your sheet f paper was too small for the whole head to fit in it.
    I think that's what led to another - The ear is too close to the front of his face.
    Next - it should be higher.

    There are other proportion mistakes here... So I'll just gve an advice: Start a drawing with a form of a skull. You should study its form well.
    Then mark all the proper proportions (you can look up them in books - there are so many of them - if you don't know something yourself.
    And after that go for details... It's very important when drawing using a model.
    I think I'm not the first one who is telling you this... but I can clearly see that you tried to start with the contour. Let me guess- on the left one you started with the contour of the nose )
    • Jan 4, 2007
      I think I do normally start on the nose, because that area gives me the most trouble (turns out looking bad anyway, but it would be worse if I didn't ><Wink.
      But I do have a book on portraiture-with a page labeled 'proportions for the head in profile'.
      ... ... ...
      Think I should have read it before?! Ah well-at least now I see what's wrong with it. And you know, now that I look at this and compare it to the book, it clicks! Bounce Thank you SO much for the help!Glomp




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