Midna-Special Dark

Posted Jan 10, 2007, 3:07:55 AM
This is a sketch of Midna from the Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess.
I threw in a Hershey bar for good measure. Don't ask why.
If you love Twilight Princess, check out this sketch of Link I drew.

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  • Mar 22, 2007
    Not sure if anyone ever noticed this, but if you look just above her right ear, on the left side of the paper, you can see my hidden initials made from the Twili glyphs on her helmet thing... I love secrets... Grin

    View the visual critique thing right here to see what I mean...
  • Jan 10, 2007
    The feet look a bit small, like they were shortened to fit into the page. Small feet can still be that way, but you need to make sure it is proportional to the ankle size and width.
    • Jan 10, 2007
      It was made disproportional for a reason. The feet don't match up because she is of an imp-ish figure, and also because she doesn't use them much. she mostly just floats around. Thanks for the comment, though!
      • Jan 10, 2007
        Alright, no worries then! ^_^; I was just worried because they looked squished into the picture. But it works.
        • Jan 11, 2007
          Yeah. I had some concerns about the feet when I started, also, but I kept them small, like in the game, and as you said, it works. Thanks!
  • Jan 9, 2007
    i think you've captured her personality perfectly.
    • Jan 10, 2007
      Thanks! I appreciate the comment. I thought it captured her personality, too. Almost like she's hiding from someone else.
  • Jan 9, 2007
    This is pretty good ^^ nice job