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[Art] Spore Boar Boss - First Aurora (Duocast)
Nov 2, 2021, 9:55:22 PM UTC on [Art] Spore Boar Boss - First Aurora (Duocast)
I love this TuT I picked air cause I has spoilers on how Silver's powers would mix with others and they're all super cool- I was looking forward to mixing air and water <3 The aura is such a pretty combo ^^

And again- you have pretty character ^^ I might need to draw a duocast with her in return ^^


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    Aww thank you Arkillian <3 I think Aurora is super cool too! I haven't seen it as a power/magic before in other games! I look forward to coming up with different ways to draw Aurora magic in the future C:

    And that's so kind of you to say! At first I kind of designed her on a whim, but I love how I've grown and fleshed her out over time. And aw, I would love to see that! But no pressure if you don't feel like drawing it later on <3