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[Art] Centaur-What else?
Oct 20, 2005 on [Art] Centaur-What else?
Well, tis matey raises a pint for ya, yar!

That's one AWESOME pic, hun. But i think you know it already, unless you haven't read your mail.

Two Thumbs Up up for this, way up!!


  • Oct 20, 2005
    Well thank you Joni. You actually came and found him on your own? That is wonderful hun. Thank you so much. You haven't come to review my art all on your own for a long time now and I am so happy that you did now. ^_^ Thank you so much for helping me through my stressful times with this picture. You know how frustrated I was getting with him. But you helped me through it and I am so very glad that you did. You gave me the extra push to stick with it and now look how good he turned out. ^_^ So thank you so very much Joni for the nice review. And for raising your pint to me. Laughing All my love.