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Oct 20, 2005
Yay! More of lady's art; you're improving so much my dear, it seems that with every new drawing you're taking another huge leap with your talent. I'm so very proud of you! Favorite

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[Art] Centaur-What else?
Oct 20, 2005 on [Art] Centaur-What else?
Aww, Heidi, thank you so very much for saying that. ^^ It feels so good to hear people say that. Because, you know what? I have been working my butt off trying to improve. And this is the first drawing I have ever done in my entire life that I am totally proud of. At first he was just going to be a new OC for me. But then I decided to do something completely different with him and turn him into a Centaur. Laughing A few times I wondered what I had gotten myself into and was about to toss it in the garbage and do something else. But I stuck with it and now I am so glad that I did. And I am really trying to get in the habit lately of doing backgrounds. Just so that I can start getting better at those. I am getting pretty comfortable with how my realism is turning out lately, so now my final obstacle to conquer is backgrounds. And I want to thank you for always encouraging me and supporting me no matter what. You have always done so from the first picture I have ever submitted here. It is a very good feeling indeed to have such good friends to back you up all the time. So thank you Heidi. All my love.


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