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[Art] Centaur-What else?
Oct 21, 2005 on [Art] Centaur-What else?
WOW kristy! I LOVE HIM. He looks like Anakin skywalker...sigh...great job. Im speechless about the work you did on the...damn i never know the word in know the proportion of the horse in the distance Slant!!??? And the background...i really love this. I cant believe how good you are! And you said that you could draw as good as this before! I think you had it in you, you just had to unlock it. New favorite!!!!Smile


  • Oct 21, 2005
    Oh my gosh Lili! O.O I don't know what to say. That is some compliment you have given me. I am totally speechless right now. Let me see if I can find my words. Um... thank you ever so much for the fave hun. I worked so very hard on him. And I almost cried a few times because I absolutely could NOT get that horse body right. I could not get that dang pose right. Laughing But I kept on trying. Erasing. And trying again and I finally got it to look the way I wanted it to. And I am quite proud of how the bg turned out as well because I ardly ever do backgrounds because I Um... what's the word? SuCK at them. Laughing But this one I thought came out good. Thank you ever so much for recognizing my hard work. All my love.
    • Oct 23, 2005
      No problem Kristy! It was well deserved! But do i understand you about the getting angry part. When i start a drawing i always want to finish it as soon as i can ,cuz i know if i stop i wont finish it, i usually end up ruining something...two days ago i told myself i'd take the time to actually draw, i had to stop a few time cuz i felt like tearing the paper but i'm so glad i didn't. After ereasing and erasing and erasing, i did it! Just like you. Mwah to you! Smile