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Aug 26, 2006, 2:55:46 PM UTC
Grin you're very much welcome. Yeah comic book art is so fun and awesome to look at and draw. I'm trying to get the hang of drawing it it's tougher than I thought Sweat Drop

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[Art] Wolverine...What else?
Aug 26, 2006, 3:11:53 PM UTC on [Art] Wolverine...What else?
It is pretty tough huh? Because you have to make the lines really thick in some areas and really thin in others and there is the certain way you have to ink the drawing in order to give it that comic book appearance. In other words, you will use ALOT of black ink. Laughing I absolutely love the style. And my boyfriend (dilemma22) joined this site because he is the co-owner of a comic-book publishing company and he is scouting this site out for artists to illustrate his comic for him. So if you are interested drop him a line. His name is Chase. Anyway, I have missed you hun. And I will talk to you soon. Lotsa love. Hug


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