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Nov 30, 2006, 1:06:35 PM UTC
Well I love you too my dear husband. ^_^ And I miss being around here. Sad I am so busy with work and the kiddos lately. So I can only be on once in a while. But you are never far from my thoughts. Say... do you still talk to our dear Lloyd? I haven't heard from him in so long. I should drop him a line and see how he is doing sometime. But anyways... I am glad you like my picture. I love Johhny Depp too. Especially with long hair and black eyeliner. Real men wear eyeliner. :nods: I am glad he is recognizable as well. I was hoping that would happen. Smile All my love to you my dear Mr. Butmer. :hugs:

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[Art] A Pirate's Life For Me
Dec 1, 2006, 2:12:59 PM UTC on [Art] A Pirate's Life For Me
I know he's around, but I haven't heard from Lloyd in a while. Mind, my internet has been down for a week, so I haven't heard from ANYone in a while.

I'm glad you're doing well, though, and that you're still around, even if it's not as often as it used to be. Love you, my dear. Talk to you again soon, I hope. Wink Hug


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