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Aug 6, 2007
No tutorials, but an easy way of creating depth is by darkening/desaturating the background the further back it gets. It also helps to focus the subject. After that, it's pictureing hao everything is as a 3D object, thinking about where the light comes from, and shading the opposite side of where the light hits. In this case, I assume moon light? That would have a diffused glow from above. If you don't have a tablet, and good way of shading is selcting an area, and doing a flood fill with a graduation. Actually- I do know a tutorial which does this, btu it's a photoshop one cause it uses channels. IT's not a gimp one... My friend Scarmander use to use gimp. Maybe she cold help ( )

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[Art] Private Stary Night
Aug 10, 2007 on [Art] Private Stary Night
Any tutorials that work with Photoshop Elements is good, too...or any photoshop for that matter, as I hope to get a different version soon. And I'll deffinately check your friend out once I'm 'back' to DA...avoiding it for now due to the 'age ups in fan art' issues. Got farther involved than I wanted, and am now sick of other people ranting at me for it. *nods* But I so WILL check out your friend. ^-^


  • Sep 5, 2007
    Sorry for not replying- I'm busy with my comic- I'll give my response next week when its done based off Photoshop CS2. I hope it's similar- I donno how much elements chops out. FYI Smile