Mystery Bag Rolls [CLOSED]

  1. Posted on Jun 11, 2020, 5:57:13 PM UTC
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    Mystery Bag Rolls

    Have your Mystery Bags rolled here.


    Mystery Bag by AlphaStryx


    Fill out the following form and post it as a reply to this thread...


    Proof of Mystery Bag: [Link to Proof]
    Type of Mystery Bag: [Common, Uncommon, Rare]




    Mystery bag contents will be auto-deposited to your Inventory.

    One bag per comment please!

    Please remember to fill out the correct forms correctly, otherwise your requests may be delayed by admins needing to clarify with you!

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  2. Posted on Jun 11, 2020, 6:08:08 PM UTC
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    Administration Area


    Please link any requests that are pending review here.

    Pending Comments:





    After you have finished your run, please link the most recently finished request here so that the next admin can click straight to the end of the queue. Use the post # link.


    Top of Queue:

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  3. Posted on Jul 16, 2020, 5:46:59 PM UTC
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    Player Log: I do not currently have one, but I have also made the same note in a purchase im making in the Token Tavern, so just be wary of accidental doubling :(

    Proof of Mystery Bag: 1/3


    Admin edit: Player log created -


    Admin Edit (Val): 


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