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  1. Posted on Jun 3, 2020, 4:00:18 PM UTC
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    This thread is less of a question and more of a technical test!

    [Insert information about queue here]


    Player Tracker system will serve to notify players of approved requests, as well as serve as a personal changelog. Players will not post or post to their own trackers, only admins will.

    If there is an error in your tracker, please fill out and submit a form here.

    MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE CLICKED "Follow This Topic" AT THE TOP OF YOUR TRACKER. This will notify you when your requests are fulfilled.



    Player Tracker: [Tracker URL] (If you do not have a tracker, please state so here)

    Proof of Earnings: [Comment URL]

    Type of Earnings: [List Bauble amount and/or Token type and amount]

    Total Baubles: [If making multiple redeems]





    Pending Requests (requests will be linked here if they are pending review by another admin)



    End of queue link (click to be brought to the most recently fulfilled request in the queue)



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