Elixir of Eyes


Single-use Consumable item.

  • Apply to any unapproved geno in Design Approval to allow for otherwise illegal eye color and/or otherwise illegal pupil shape. 
  • Makeover Kit NOT required.


List of otherwise illegal eye colors that the Elixir of Eyes can do:

   - Purple or Indigo eyes on a stryx that does not have Galyx, Twilight, Daius, Aurora, etc.

   - Bright red or pink on a non-albino stryx or non-Galyx stryx, etc.

   - "Starry" eyes on a Stryx that does not have Void.

   - Glowing eyes on a Stryx.

   - Pupil shapes that do not consist of slits or circles, such as stars, rectangles, swirls, etc.

   - Pupil colors that would otherwise be illegal or count as blind, such as white, or a hue different from the iris.

List of things that an Elixir of Eyes CANNOT do:

   - Textures or patterns on the eye, such as polka dots, zigzags, etc. 

   - Change the shape of the Iris.


See the Picking an Eye Colour guide for further information about eye color.


Bauble Price: 1000

Bauble Resell Value: 500

Token Price: N/A

Token Resell Value: N/A


Art by noebelle

item picture


Unlimited quantity available


  • 1 for 1000 Baubles

Sell back to bank

  • 1 for 500 Baubles


  • Id: 14
  • Added on Dec 8, 2020
  • ✅ Can be purchased
  • ✅ Can be sold back to bank
  • ✅ Can be traded