Griff - Slink

Companions & Familiars

With its long, slender body, the slink griff is perfectly tailored for slipping down narrow burrows and skewering prey on its sharp beak.

Stryx companion. Can be removed and returned to inventory

  • A chance to find an extra item when Scavenging.
  • A chance to find extra meat when hunting.

Bauble Price: N/A

Bauble Resell Value: 500

Token Price: N/A

Token Resell Value: N/A

Great Harvest Exclusive

Art by Theshadowsinger

item picture


Unlimited quantity available


  • 1 for 150 Pumpkin Points

Sell back to bank

  • 1 for 500 Baubles


  • Id: 372
  • Added on Apr 16, 2021
  • ✅ Can be purchased
  • ✅ Can be sold back to bank
  • ✅ Can be traded
  • ✅ Player can de-equip from character