Wisp - Corrupted

Companions & Familiars

"Something happened to this wisp. Something terrible."


A wisp that was touched by unspeakable magic, twisting and contorting it into something grotesque and unrecognizable. Unlike the blue wisps which come in familiar forms, it's impossible to tell what these red monstrosities once were. They seem to be little more than a jumble of body parts, with eyes and limbs jutting out and macabre angles. Aggressive and violent, a corrupted wisp will attack the nearest living thing, latching on with whatever semblance of teeth it possesses and ravenously draining the life from its victim.

Single-use companion. Stryx bound. Will be destroyed if removed. Single-use crafting ingredient.

  • +1 AP to all art or literature of the stryx it's equipped to. This bonus only applies to art/lit posted after the date the wisp was equipped.
  • Use a Wisp Elixir to soothe the savagery from this poor disoriented wisp and equip it as a companion via the Current Import Changes forum thread.

Bauble Price: N/A

Bauble Resell Value: 500


Token Price: N/A

Token Resell Value: N/A


Great Harvest Exclusive

Art by NinGeko

item picture


Unlimited quantity available

Sell back to bank

  • 1 for 500 Baubles


  • Id: 99
  • Added on Jan 7, 2021
  • ✅ Can be sold back to bank
  • ✅ Can be traded
  • ✅ Player can de-equip from character
  • 😱 Item is deleted when de-equipped