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This page lists all items as part of Dracostryx. Here you can learn more about the items, what they do, and purchase them. Inventory quantities are quantities belonging to the Dracostryx store.

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ImageNameCategoryQnty LeftIdDate addedPurchasableSellableTradablePlayer EquipablePlayer De-equipableDe-equip poofTags
Festive Bluejay Companions & Familiars142Jan 8, 2021 companion events festivaloffrost BlueJay decor FestivePresentDecor
Festive Cardinal Companions & Familiars143Jan 8, 2021 cardinal companion events festivaloffrost decor FestivePresentDecor
Festive Robin Companions & Familiars1802Mar 11, 2023 companion events festivaloffrost decor festivepresentdecor
Festive Winter Chickadee Companions & Familiars424Apr 17, 2021 festivaloffrost decor FestivePresentDecor
Griff - Finch Companions & Familiars144Jan 8, 2021 companion griff events festivaloffrost FestivePresentCompanion
Griff - Grace Companions & Familiars200Apr 2, 2021 companion events festivaloffrost griff FestivePresentCompanion
Road to Sol Background Pack Backgrounds315Apr 2, 2021 road background pack to event festivaloffrost sol FestivePresentBG
Holiday Wreath Crafting materials213Apr 2, 2021 crafting events festivaloffrost FestivePresentDecor
Pinecone Ornament Crafting materials288Apr 2, 2021 event festivaloffrost FestivePresentDecor
Poinsettia Crafting materials290Apr 2, 2021 event festivaloffrost FestivePresentDecor
Festival of Frost: Raffle Ticket Consumables141Jan 8, 2021 consumable events festivaloffrost
Festival of Frost Trophy Trophies140Jan 8, 2021 trophy festivaloffrost
Road to Sol: Blizzard's Badge Trophies316Apr 2, 2021 event festivaloffrost
Road to Sol: Borealis' Badge Trophies319Apr 2, 2021 event festivaloffrost
Road to Sol: Lurk's Badge Trophies317Apr 2, 2021 event festivaloffrost
Road to Sol: Sol's Badge Trophies318Apr 2, 2021 event festivaloffrost