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2 Character Development

How it Works

PaperDemon Art RPG works through a series of art challenges.

  1. Read a challenge to learn some lore or story context.
  2. Choose a prompt.
  3. Create a work of art or fiction from the prompt. Make sure it fits the art/writing requirements listed in the challenge.
  4. Upload and submit it to a queue. Then you earn rewards!


The game is played through the art you create.


Ready? Let's get started!


For participating in this challenge…

  • You'll earn 60 XP

  • You'll earn a Random item drop

  • Your character earns 5 AP (see below)

About AP (Ability points)

As your character completes challenges, they'll accrue AP which determine your character's Rank.

When you submit to the queue, input the AP reward into the Points box.

Learn more about abilities



Art Entry Requirements

  • A minimum of a half-body colored OR half-body multi-tone greyscale sketch of your character that fulfills your chosen prompt. Background and Shading is optional.

  • Submit your entry here

Writing Entry Requirements


Choose one of the prompts below.

#95 Draw or write about a talisman for your character. It can be something that is sentimental, magical, or in some way meaningful to your character. It's not required, but many adventurers who journey to these different worlds keep their Portal badges on their talisman as a way to showcase all of the places they've journeyed to.
Don't like this prompt?
 #63 What is your character's favorite item they like to carry with them? Why? Draw or write about your character with their item.
 #50 Does your character have a base of operations between portals? A home, even? Draw or write about where your character hangs out during the downtime.
 #19 Show your character teaching or helping another character deal with their emerging latent element. The other character does NOT have to be registered in the game. It can also be a made up character just for this challenge. If you use someone else's character, please get permission from the owner.
 #74 It's dangerous to go alone! Show your character helping another character on an adventure, whether by giving them a sword before they go exploring on their own, giving them information, patching them up or just going with them.


Once you've created your art/writing, you're ready to submit it to a queue

Submit to the Queue


Need help? Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to submit to the queue. You can also ask for help in our Discord server or by emailing [email protected]

Want even more prompts?

You can choose from one of our other weekly Character Development prompts.


Every week we release a new Character Development prompt. Every prompt is open for 2 weeks then closes. But you may still participate after the deadline with a Bookwyrm Bookmark. Just look for events titled "Weekly Prompt #:" on the Events page


You can also participate in past Character Development prompts if you have a Bookwyrm Bookmark. See Past Prompts