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5 Rank up to Adventurer

If you have completed all of the Apprenticeship Challenges in the Inn, you can apply for the Adventurer rank. 


In order to rank up to Adventurer, your character must have...

  • 17 AP
  • Completed the Apprenticeship challenges referenced in the New Player Tutorial in the Inn.
  • Completed the basic character info form in the Player Notes section of your character sheet.
    • You may have written this already when you created your character but you may not have gotten it into your Player Notes section if you joined our game before July 2023.  See example. See the basic character info form section of the Biography guide.
    • Make sure you have a 100 word biography for your character in your player notes. This is required for both written and artwork characters.
  • If your character was registered with an image, your character sheet image must be...
    • in full color or grey scale with shading AND
    • is not a poorly cropped photograph.
    • Most characters already met this requirement at the time their character was registered. However, sometimes we offer leniency and approve with the expectation the character gets redesigned later (such as at conventions, livestreams, or for beginner artists). If your character sheet doesn't meet these requirements yet, please file a redesign request with a makeover kit. Most likely you received a makeover kit at the time you registered your character if your art didn't fully meet requirements at registration.
    • These requirements don't apply for written characters.
  • You will need links to all of the following submissions:

📺 Watch the video tutorial on how to find your links.


  • Adventurer Achievement
  • Increased Character Stats
  • Increased success rate in activities, more item drops
  • Access to Battles
  • Access to Packing Allowance (redeem from your character sheet)


Ready for Rank 3 or 4? Your character will rank up automatically as you play the game.