Redesigning your Character

At some point during your journey, you may decide that your character needs an update or an entire revamp. We have several items that allow you to submit different levels of redesigns of your character. The Makeover Kit allows for smaller touchups, and the Evolution Kit allows you to redesign your character entirely. These kits can be used to update or switch out the art or writing piece you used to register your character.

If you would like to update your characters backstory, biography, or personality, you're welcome to do this yourself at any time by editing the Player Notes section of your character's official character sheet. It does not require any special item.



  • 5 AP

Makeover Kit

The Makeover Kit is generally used for smaller updates to your character's official physical appearance. It's intent is for updating your character sheet image.

The Makeover Kit allows...

  1. Redesign of clothing
  2. Addition or removal of accessories
  3. Addition or removal of tattoos
  4. Change hair style
  5. Change general color palette including hair color, eye color, skin color, ect.
  6. Change age
  7. Updating the character registration art/writing piece to a new style


Over time as you draw your character, it's expected their appearance will change with different hair styles, clothing, etc. You do NOT need a makeover kit to change your character's clothing, hair, etc for your challenge submissions.

The point of the makeover kit is for updating the character sheet image. The character sheet image is what our admins use when verifying your submissions contain your character.

As long as your character is still recognizable, you do not need a makeover kit.


If, however, the design of your character changes drastically enough that admins can no longer recognize your character in your challenge submissions from your character sheet image, then it is time to do a makeover. This helps our admins know what character to match up in your submissions.


Some challenges have prompts that call for drawing/writing your character with different clothing or hair. You do not need a makeover kit for those.


Evolution Kit

The Evolution Kit is used for larger updates to your character's official physical appearance.

The Evolution Kit allows...

  1. Any/all of the changes available for Makeover Kits
  2. Allows for a full species change
  3. Allows for major character evolution (did your character upgrade to a more powerful form?)
  4. Addition or removal of limbs/wings/body parts

Submitting Your Makeover

Your character redesign art or writing piece must follow the requirements in the Create Your Character guide. Please read the guide to make sure that your piece fulfills the requirements.

Once you're ready to submit your character redesign, follow these steps.

  • Check your to make sure you have the appropriate kit in your inventory by navigating to your profile page and clicking the Items tab
  • Submit your new character design artwork or writing work to
  • Submit your artwork to the queue at the bottom of this page

If you meet all the requirements and have all of the needed items in your inventory, one of our staff members will update your character's official sheet and let you know that your redesign was successful!

How to submit a gifted Makeover/Evolution

If an artist gifted you art of your character for your character sheet, please do the following:

  1. Have the original artist upload it to if possible. If this is not possible, use the Offsite Art request form instead
  2. Have the original artist state in the description of the submission that it was created for your character and include your character's name.
  3. Fill out the form below inputting the art id in the art id box then click search. You can find the art id at the end of the URL of the artwork. See screenshot below