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Character rules


The following rules apply ONLY to characters participating in the PaperDemon Art RPG. They do not apply to your other art submissions on the site or submissions for other Art RPGs hosted with us

Character rules at a glance

  • ✅ Your character must be original!

  • ✅ You may use open species characters as long as you're not violating their Terms of Service

  • 🦊🧑 Must be humanoid, anthropomorphic, quadrupedal, or any creature that can interact with others and manipulate objects

  • ⛔ No Copyrighted characters, species, etc such as those copyrighted by Dungeons and Dragons.

  • ⛔ No doll sites, hero forge, etc.

  • ⛔ No Mature Content. See mature content guidelines.

  • ⛔ No AI Art or Writing.

Additional rules

When you play the PaperDemon Art RPG, you'll be completing creative challenges from a prompt.

  • ✅ For each challenge, you'll create a new and unique work of art

  • ⛔ You cannot use your character as a base or doll. You cannot copy/paste your character into different environments.

Getting started

Details on how to create your character are found in the Character Creator challenge blog post

Character Checks

Before you hit “Submit,” did you make sure…

For artists:

  1. You uploaded your character portrait? Is it clear?
  2. You filled out all of the sections? Even if your character is a nameless, ageless, formless being that cannot be perceived in the spectrum of human understanding, we need to know those things!
  3. (Optional) You have a biography that’s 100 words long? Technically you can wait until rank-up to have it filled out, but why wait if you already have ideas? If you don’t like what you’ve written, you can change it later, too!

For writers:

  1. You have a biography that’s 100 words long? If you don’t like what you’ve written, you can change it later, too!
  2. You have a description that meets the 100-word minimum? Especially if you don’t have a profile picture, we’d like to know what your character looks like!


Character Limit

In order to make things easier for our admins, you may only submit one character draft at a time. Once your character is approved, you may create another.

There is currently no limit to the amount of characters you may register. We ask that if you're registering a character other than your first, you consider supporting us with a Troken purchase in our store to help us cover the costs of maintaining the game.

Allowed Characters

Your character must be original. It cannot be a character from a TV series, anime, manga, book, etc. You may use an existing original character of yours that you've previously created. It doesn't have to be an original character created just for this game. It could be a character created for your comic or other artwork.

Fan characters are not allowed if they borrow too heavily from the source material. For example: A character that looks a lot like Sonic the Hedgehog but has a bowtie and hat.

Allowed Character Species

Your character may take a variety of forms, including humanoid, anthropomorphic, or quadrupedal. Your character must be sentient, animate, and able to interact with other characters and manipulate objects.


  • Elves[1]
  • PaperDemons[1]
  • Humans
  • Anthros and Furries
  • Human-animal hybrids, e.g. Satyr, Centaur, Catgirl, ect.
  • Object heads as long as they meet requirements above.
  • Robots as long as they meet requirements above.

Yes, your character may have wings if you want.

Approved Open/closed species

The following species owners have explicitly approved their species for usage in the PaperDemon Art RPG


If you decide to use one of the above open/closed species, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • You may not double count or earn double rewards for an artwork. Each artwork can only be counted and/or redeemed for rewards in ONE game, not both. For example, you can't create an artwork for a Dorkkitz event and then claim it for rewards again in the PDARPG.
  • Please link to the species information in the Players Notes section of your PDARPG character sheet once your character is registered.

Are you an open/closed species owner and would like your species added to our list? Please email [email protected]

Recommended Species

[1] If you're not sure what species to choose, Elves and PaperDemons are good picks because they will be the central species in our lore (whenever we get around to writing some). Our ARPG is intended to be more freeform so you can bring your own original characters, largely regardless of their species. We don't currently have much Lore written but you can check BogusRed's art gallery for some examples of Elves and PaperDemons.

Open species

Open species are permitted for use in the PaperDemon Art RPG as long as you:

  • credit the species owner. You can do this in the Player notes section of your character sheet. AND
  • respect the terms of service for the open species and are not violating the open species TOS.

If we discover your use of the species violates the TOS, your character will be removed from the game.

Disallowed species

Character types described here are not permitted in our ARPG.

  • Closed species
    • We have to assume that species are copyrighted and owned by the species owner. Thus we can't allow closed species to be permitted in PaperDemon's ARPG. We're open to having discussions with species owners to allow their species in the PaperDemon ARPG. However, it must be done in such a way that art can't be double counted in both games.
    • Exception is made for closed species if you are the species copyright owner.
  • Avoid character designs that would not allow you to easily participate in challenges and interact with other characters.
    • If your character is the size of a planet, they will have a very hard time fulfilling prompts that require them to be on a planet.
    • Look at past challenges to get a feel for what we might ask your character to be able to do.
  • Inanimate objects
    • Characters have to be able to participate in challenges.

For legal reasons, any species that is owned by another person or franchise such as Dungeons and Dragons is disallowed. E.g. Tieflings


You are permitted to use an adopt as long as

  • you legally obtained the adoptable
  • you aren't violating the terms of the adoption
  • you either
  • You must still create unique works of art per rules above and can't copy/paste the adoptable for your entries.


Your character's face does not have to be a human or elf. It can be an animal face or object face.


If you want to be able to redeem rewards for your drawing your character in other forms for Art RPG events, you will need to update your character as a shapeshifter. See the shapeshifting guide for details.

If you're shapeshifting forms aren't registered:

If your character's other forms are NOT registered through our shapeshifting process, art submitted for art RPG activities or non-challenge character art redeemed for AP must visually match the character you registered with and meet the requirements listed above. For example, if you have a human that shapeshifts into a werewolf and you register the character with a drawing of the human form, the art you create for art RPG events must also match the human form.

Custom species

You are totally welcome to invent your own species or use your own open/closed species if you'd like for your character. If your character or lore is complex, please provide an easy to understand summary on your character's submission description to make it easier for other players to understand your character if they are drawing them as part of an ARPG activity.