Item Compendium

This page lists all items as part of PaperDemon Art RPG. Here you can learn more about the items, what they do, and purchase them. Inventory quantities are quantities belonging to the PaperDemon Art RPG store.

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22 matching items

ImageNameCategoryQnty LeftIdDate addedPurchasableSellableTradablePlayer EquipablePlayer De-equipableDe-equip poofTags
Chestplate armor kit Crafting materials457Apr 26, 2021 armorkit uncommon-drop lootbox-t1
Cloth Crafting materials327Apr 10, 2021 lootbox-t1
Dandelion Wax Crafting materials1501Apr 10, 2022 uncommon-drop lootbox-t1
Dragonfly Quill Crafting materials1433Feb 23, 2022 common-drop lootbox-t1
Earth Pearl Crafting materials533Apr 28, 2021 elemental-pearl lootbox-t1
Elemental Weapon Kit Crafting materials1431Feb 23, 2022 uncommon-drop lootbox-t1
Fire Pearl Crafting materials532Apr 28, 2021 elemental-pearl lootbox-t1
Greaves Armor Kit Crafting materials459Apr 26, 2021 armorkit uncommon-drop lootbox-t1
Helmet Armor kit Crafting materials456Apr 26, 2021 armorkit uncommon-drop lootbox-t1
Mageglass Crafting materials821Jun 23, 2021 uncommon-drop lootbox-t1
Mushroom Wood Crafting materials1495Apr 8, 2022 common-drop lootbox-t1
Orange Aster Crafting materials469Apr 26, 2021 aster common-drop lootbox-t1
Ornate Stationary Crafting materials1499Apr 10, 2022 uncommon-drop lootbox-t1
Pure Water Crafting materials856Aug 9, 2021 common-drop lootbox-t1
Purple Aster Crafting materials478Apr 26, 2021 aster lootbox-t1
Red Aster Crafting materials470Apr 26, 2021 aster common-drop lootbox-t1
Silver Aster Crafting materials473Apr 26, 2021 aster common-drop lootbox-t1
Sky Pearl Crafting materials530Apr 28, 2021 elemental-pearl lootbox-t1
Solar Sail Crafting materials1620May 10, 2022 uncommon-drop lootbox-t1
Sparkling Spices Crafting materials1432Feb 23, 2022 common-drop lootbox-t1