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PaperDemon is an online 🎲 Art Role Playing Game️ community.

Draw your OC 🧙‍♂️ Earn loot 💰 Defeat Art Block 💪

PaperDemon Art RPG

PaperDemon hosts creative challenges structured as an 🎲 Art Role Playing Game️ (or Art RPG).

Draw or write fiction of your original character using the prompts provided. Earn XP, virtual gold, and other virtual items to gain power and abilities for your character. The more you draw your OC, the more powerful they become in battle events. Get inspired to draw or write with new prompts every two weeks.

Creative Challenges

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Art RPG Events

  • 2 Talisman


    Your OC (Original Character) is about to begin their journey to explore new worlds. Before they start off, they'll be equipping themselves with an item that carries special meaning for them. In this c...

    Ongoing event
  • Battle queue


    This queue is for art/writing created for a battle attack. Typically you don't have to submit to this queue because it will be done automatically by the BattleBot. Please visit the homepage for more i...

    Ongoing event
  • Special Crafting (Archive)


    This queue was previously used for crafting armor and weapons. It has been archived and replaced. Please see the armor and weapon guides for queue information....

    Ongoing event
  • 1 Create a Character


    Welcome to the PaperDemon Art RPG, a series of art and writing challenges structured as an art role playing game to help motivate you to create. To get started with our Art RPG, you'll need to registe...

    Ongoing event

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