[Art Challenge] Inktober is almost here!

PD Inktober Prompts 2018

With October right around the corner, I figured now is a great time to get you all excited about Inktober!

What is Inktober?

Inktober is a movement started by Jake Parker to practice ink drawings for the month of October. Each day of October you draw a new drawing with ink based on the drawing prompts provided.

Since it's tied to a specific time of year, the #inktober hashtag associated with it will trend on social media.

Why should you participate?

Participating in trending art hashtags has many benefits.

  • You'll gain more exposure and followers, especially on sites like Twitter and Instagram because people will frequently check the hashtag to see what new art is created. I've heard from multiple artists with many followers that this is one of the techniques they use to build an audience.

  • Challenging yourself to create within preset guidelines helps you stretch your creative muscles

  • You'll surprise yourself with how much fun you have and how well you did

  • You'll be a part of the movement and a community

  • If you share your Inktober art on PaperDemon, you'll get 30 XP for each drawing (limit 1 per day)*

* I'm still working on getting the system setup to grant you XP. but I'll be granting you the XP retroactively within the next couple of months.

Do you have limiting beliefs that are holding you back?

I've never participated in Inktober before. And a lot of that is due to the poor mindset I've had. One limiting belief I've had that's prevented me from participating in events like this:

“No way I could possibly do a new drawing every day of October!”

But this time I won't let that stop me. Even creating a few drawings is better than creating none at all.

Here's a few more excuses I came up with:

“I'm not that into working with ink.”

“I don't have fancy pens that I enjoy inking with. And I wouldn't know which pens to buy.”

“Most of my micron pens are dried out.”

Finginma asked this great question in our last community meetup:

“Can we work digitally for Inktober?”

The official stance from @Inktober is in order to get the full experience out of Inktober, it's best done with traditional ink media. But if working in real media will turn you off from participating, why the hell not just do it digitally so at least you're participating. It's not like the Inktober police are going to come and charge you with art crimes against humanity.

PaperDemon Inktober prompts

Per the suggestion of CherryWitchery, I created a list of prompts just for our community. Feel free to use these or use the official Inktober prompts. If you use ours, please tag your posts on social media with #paperdemon-inktober so we can see them all!

  1. friendship

  2. confidence

  3. dragon

  4. love

  5. infinite

  6. wings

  7. happiness

  8. morning

  9. reward

  10. victory

  11. progress

  12. dessert

  13. stream

  14. game

  15. helpful

  16. erotic

  17. support

  18. resourceful

  19. vent

  20. misunderstood

  21. energy

  22. magical

  23. organization

  24. motivation

  25. impact

  26. red curtain

  27. ivy

  28. paper

  29. lemon

  30. experience

  31. demon

I look forward to seeing all the wonderful ink work from our community!