Earning XP for Challenges feature is (finally) here!

A new Challenges feature was launched on PaperDemon bringing it closer to my vision of helping creatives become more awesome by gamifying creative growth.

Over the past year we've hosted various challenges such as Sketch Dailies, Inktober, and most recently Doing it in the Bushes to help artists and writers build motivation, confidence, and have fun.

Since our community is growing, I wanted to have a way to automatically grant experience points to users who participate (rather than me doing it manually). So I added a new feature that rewards you with experience points.

How it works

When we host a challenge, just submit an artwork entry between the start and end dates of the challenge adding the tag mentioned in the announcement post. For example, for Inktober, you submit art during the month of October with the tag “inktober”. You'll then see entries available to collect experience in the challenge dashboard. At the end of the challenge, just click the Collect XP button and...

BOOM you got XP! w00t w00t!

If you participated in any of the previously mentioned challenges, you should now see experience points ready for you to collect in the new challenge dashboard. Don't forget to clicky clicky the collect buttons to get your XP!

At this time, only artwork can gain experience points for challenges. But I'm working on ways to extend this to writing and comics, too.

What challenges are available?

Join the mailing list or check back on our news page to see what challenges are coming up. We have one planned for April to May 2019. Stay tuned for details.

Let me know what you think

This is still a new feature and it is likely to have a few usability issues. So let me know if you have any trouble with it or have suggestions for improving it.