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Create Your Own Adventure Challenge

A few days ago, I shared my frustrations with Inktober and why I think artists and writers deserve a more flexible creative challenge.

Today, I'm super excited to tell you more about our Create Your Own Adventure Challenge and how you can get started.

As previously mentioned, other challenges like Inktober and NaNoWriMo have characteristics that make them hard for people with lives, jobs, classwork, health issues, family obligations, mental health challenges, etc. With that in mind, the Create Your Own Adventure Challenge will address all of that!

  • Time frame: Two whole months.

  • Output: Watercolor paintings? Sure! Poetry? Damn skippy. Animation? Rock on! Python code? def yes(); It's whatever you want it to be.

  • Quantity: YOU get to decide how much you want to create. You set your own goals based on your own circumstances and what feels realistic to you.

  • Time of Year: The challenge starts in April and goes through the end of May. There's still tax season and Easter in there, but hopefully this isn't as chaotic or stressful as the end of the year holiday season.

  • Support: instead of going it completely alone like you would with any other challenge, we're going to be using

    • a buddy system to help with accountability (an accounta-bila-buddy, hehehe) AND

    • online meet ups where you can share your progress, get encouragement, and ask for help in real time AND

    • a dedicated chat channel for the challenge where you can get additional support inbetween meetups (#cyoa-challengeđź’Ž on our Discord server).

How to participate

Because an essential feature of this challenge is the buddy system, we're asking people to sign up ahead of time. Registration is free and helps us pair you up with a buddy and send you information throughout the challenge.

Register for the challenge by end of day Sunday March 24, 2019. Keep an eye on your email inbox for your buddy assignment and additional instructions which should arrive by April 1st.

Register now


If you share any of your work on PaperDemon or elsewhere for the challenge, use the hashtag #createyourownadventure so we can track on social media.

What if I join late or miss the registration deadline?

You're still welcome to participate in the challenge. But you'll be on your own to find a buddy. Try asking in the #cyoa-challengeđź’Ž channel on our Discord server and join the mailing list so you get notified about important updates and meetups.

I have questions, ideas, or feedback!

Just contact me at or post in the Discord server.

Happy Adventuring!