[Art Writing Challenge] Pride colors

Pride color challenge

Greetings PaperDemons!

I hope you've enjoyed the sketching challenge from last week. Don't forget to collect your XP.

Recurring challenge schedule

Going forward we'll be hosting a new challenge every week that runs from Monday through Sunday. So watch your email inbox for new challenge announcements.

Pride Challenge

I was originally planning to run a color challenge for us this week at the suggestion of ChipperChartreuse. Our good friend Maya came up with the brilliant idea to make it pride themed and use a different color from the rainbow flag for each day. This is perfect for pride month!


The original 1978 LGBT flag had 8 colors, each with their own meaning.

Artists will create illustrations using a different color from the flag each day.

Writers will use a different color meaning as drabble prompts each day.

  1. Hot Pink / Sex
  2. Red / Life
  3. Orange / Healing
  4. Yellow / Sunlight
  5. Green / Nature
  6. Turquoise / Magic/Art
  7. Indigo / Serenity
  8. Violet / Spirit

Since there's only 7 days in the challenge, we'll leave it up to you which colors/prompts to use on which days.

Tag your art submissions on PaperDemon with pridechallenge to get 60 XP per entry. We're granting more XP since coloring is generally more time consuming than sketching.

Free lessons on color

Do you struggle to find good colors for your artwork? This week I'm teaching a few color theory lessons you can use to level up your art.

Livestream lesson schedule

Each livestream lesson begins promptly at the time listed and will last about 10-15 minutes, with another additional 50 minutes of lesson demonstration, chatting, and answering questions.

  • Tuesday 4pm PST, monochrome color palette
  • Wednesday 4pm PST, analogous color palette
  • Thursday 4pm PST, complementary color palette

Watch the livestream

Looking forward to seeing the PaperDemon site filled with your beautiful colors this week!