Developer Update June 2019

Some updates to have gone live today! Here's a look at some of the changes.

Change summary

Mainly this includes some content changes as we moved pages to our new wiki. We've been hit hard with spam lately and it is super time consuming to deal with removing it so I've implemented some additional anti-spam measures.


More complete list of changes

  • ⭐ feat | Edit profile page has been migrated to our new backend/frontend.

  • ⭐ feat | In order to add links to your profile you must be at least Level 2. (anti-spam measure)

  • 🐛 fix | art was previously missing from a users gallery that users had previously marked to be displayed in the gallery and not to be displayed in public galleries. Bug has been fixed. Thanks Tanilai for reporting!

  • 🍱 content | link to patreon on homepage, footer and email footer

  • 🍱 content | remove newest members from homepage (anti-spam measure)

  • 🐛 fix | caching bug which may have caused slow page loads on homepage

  • 👗 UI | add link to the new portal (challenges) page in user drop down menus

  • 👗 UI | add link to RC profile in drop down menus. Thanks Nyatara/The_Maya for reporting.

  • 🍱 content | replace legacy content pages with wiki links

  • 🍱 content | remove user subdomain profile link on signup page since we'll be removing subdomain profile links

  • 🔨 refactor | other misc internal refactorings/edits


What's coming next?

More anti-spam measures. Bug fixes to challenges. Internal refactorings.