March 2020 release

We just updated the site code for PaperDemon. Here's a look at what's changed.

Updates have been slow over the last several months as I was gearing up for the Dragon Mall Quest launch. Going forward, I've decided to focus primarily on product development. So expect more updates in the coming weeks.

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Many users reported a bug with replying to comments in the comments inbox page. This has been fixed.

  • Viewing art on mobile was jenky creating a horizontal scroll bar. It's now been fixed.

  • [For moderators] Creating user logs link is fixed

⭐ Feature additions

Most of these are fairly small...

🔞 When entering the Red Curtain, if you're logged in and choose “Don't warn me again” then you can enter the Red Curtain more quickly going forward. You can also change this in the settings page.

I've made links to the manage art submissions page easier to find. Many users were asking questions about how to see all of their art from both Red Curtain and PaperDemon and didn't realize this page existed. It's now easier to get to with new links from the menu and profile page.

Added a “subscribe/follow” link when viewing another member's art gallery. Now you can more easily follow them. We'll be adding more links like this elsewhere soon so you can keep up with your favorite member's submissions. However, it doesn't work well on mobile yet. I'm working on a fix.

[For Admins] Improved admin tools. At some point in the near future, I'll be getting new admins on board to help me manage user accounts. So I upgraded some of the tooling to fascilitate this.

⚡ Other updates

There's now an important notice about galleries when submitting art. We are going to remove galleries at some point in the near future in favor of tags. For this reason we aren't adding any new galleries. You can learn more about this upcoming change on our Tags wiki page.

Lots of behind the scenes work on upgrading our subscriptions system.

That's it. Thank you!