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Privacy Policy update, Video meetup, Misc community updates


Lots of little things going on. Much of this was already announced in the weekly newsletter but just incase you missed it.

Privacy Policy update

Our privacy policy was updated because I enabled some demographic tracking features in Google Analytics. If you want to opt-out of this tracking, you can use this browser add-on to do so. This will get announced in this Friday's newsletter.


🎥Video art hangout thingy jiggy

As more countries and US states go into a state of social distancing, shelter-in-place, or lockdown, that means more of us are feeling the strain of isolation. That's why I've organized a video meetup next Wednesday, April 1st at 2pm PST / 5pm EST / 9pm UTC* via Google Hangouts. (See in your timezone). Bring your sketchbook and join the video call. We can keep it casual and just chat while drawing. You can also disable your camera and join with audio only if you prefer but I'd love to see your lovely faces!
*Despite the day, it is not a joke. I swear!
Click the button below on Wednesday Apr 1st at 2pm PST

🏆 Art+Writing Challenge updates

This week begins the third element in our Elemental Magic challenge series, Fire. Note that you have until the end of April to submit any of the four elements so don't worry if you're behind. You can still catch up! 

🕹Art RPG updates

Things are trucking along. Shyftlock and I have outlined the basic stats that will be used in our art RPG and have started drafting the content for the initial 6 challenges of the game. We're also making progress on prototypes for the game.
​You'll be able to create your own original characters (as long as they meet some basic requirements) to use for playing in the game. After creating your character, you'll participate in art challenges drawing your character doing various activities. These activities lead to new powers and loot. The initial character species will be elves but we plan to add more at some point in the future after we get the basics figured out.


That is all and if you have questions, feel free to reply below.