Your OC has discovered a magical portal to an underwater world. Participate for 60XP

[Art Writing Challenge] Create a Character

Create a Character

Hello PaperDemons! Welcome to the merry month of May. This month, we’re bringing out some of our brand new art role playing game (ARPG) content! To participate in this challenge, you’ll need to register your character!

The character you submit will be used for the May Portal Challenge (details to be announced), where your character will enter a new underwater world. Your character will be used for future challenges as well!

Character Creation Requirements

  • You will be submitting a portrait sketch of your chosen character!

    • The portrait sketch should be art that you personally created.

    • The portrait should be in ¾ view.

    • The character’s features must match the attributes you select in the form.

    • Face should be clearly lit with no dramatic lighting.

    • Character should be humanoid. See the Characters wiki page for details on allowed species.

    • The portrait should be in full color so we can see the character’s hair, eye, and skin color!

    • The portrait doesn’t have to be perfect, don’t overthink it!

  • You will also be submitting a brief bio for your chosen character.

    • Check the Character Bio Wiki for more detailed information as well as some hints and tips.

    • The form details the information we need-- you don’t need to add more than a few words per answer if you’re not ready to write extensively!

  • Submit your character portrait to and fill out the form linked below before entering the May Portal Challenge. Tag ARPGPortrait for 30 XP!

Register your character here!


UPDATE: Per your feedback and questions, we've expanded the list of species allowed to participate in our ARPG. Please read the Characters wiki article and if you have further species or other related questions, please post them here or in the discord.