Volunteers Wanted

Volunteers wanted

Hello PaperDemons!

We received an overwhelmingly positive response to our Character Creation Challenge! We are blown away by the hard work and creativity you all put into your characters. As the game grows, so does the work!

We’re looking for a few enthusiastic and committed people to volunteer as Community Moderators and ARPG Admins! These people will be expected to uphold our community rules and standards and lend a hand in the management of PaperDemon’s backstage shenanigans.


ARPG Admins will help us keep track of community participation in PaperDemon’s ARPG challenges and make sure all of the players get the rewards they have earned.

Community Moderators will keep an eye on site submissions and forums to make sure the community stays safe and welcoming. They’ll give us a hand in running our community meetups and other PaperDemon events.


In exchange for your time and effort, we’ll be rewarding our volunteers with a premium account as well as in-game currency! You’ll also get a chance to peek behind the curtain and see how things work under the hood.

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