Site, Community and ARPG updates July 2020

July 2020 community update

Lot's of things to catch all of you up on...

🛡 Staff changes

Since we've had so much growth over the last couple months, we've expanded our staff to help us keep our community operational.

MaskedLin has joined as a Jr Moderator on to moderate new submissions posted and ensure site rules are followed.

Miriam-chan and DigiQWill have joined the team as Jr Mods to help us operate the PaperDemon Art RPG.

Please give our new staff a warm welcome! If you ever have questions about rules or how to use the site, please ask in the discord #halp channel or in our help forum.

🥞 General Art RPG Community stuff

Shyftlock has written a new community interaction form. If you are an active ARPG player here, please update your profile with this form because this will help inform other players how to best interact with your characters (if at all). You'll find a link to this new interaction form from the edit profile page and in our wiki.

🎲 PaperDemon Art RPG Updates

Many of you have been asking what's up with your character registrations for the PaperDemon Art RPG. We received more interest in the game than we were anticipating so it's taken us time to recruit staff to help us with operations. We've just onboarded new staff in the last few days so give us a couple of weeks to get caught up with the queues.

In the next couple weeks you'll be hearing from them about your shiny new character ID which you will be tagging all of your submissions with.

We've also updated the Character Creator challenge to allow writing entries so that writers can participate more easily.

The next challenge for the PDARPG will be out later this week. Stay tuned!

🚫 Rule updates

With so many new people here, we've had lots of feedback and questions around our rules so we've made some changes.

  • Rules regarding presentation of your artwork/images have been removed in order to make the site more accessible. Not everyone has the technical means or ability to display their artwork professionally.

  • Rule against AP trackers in the writing section has been added to avoid the Writing section from becoming filled with AP trackers. We suggest you use the blogs feature for that instead or use an offsite tracker.

  • Rules against nude photos or photo manipulations of nude photos has been added. This is because we don't currently track or verify if the subjects have consented to being photographed and are of legal age.

  • Site rules regarding mature content has been moved off to a separate wiki page to avoid exposing minors to mature terms.

  • We've officially stopped the practice of exposing your personal information if you're caught plagiarizing and removed the warning regarding this from our site rules page. This is effectively doxing and is not ok and not inline with our privacy policy. (As a note we haven't actually added anyone to the hall of shame in many many years so even though this was technically part of our rules, we stopped actually practicing this years ago)

  • Our rules already stated we don't permit pre-pubescent/pubescent minors in sexual situations in art or comics, but previously this didn't apply to writing. For consistency, we changed the rules and pre-pubescent/pubescent minors in sexual situations are no longer allowed in writing with the following exceptions:

> Pre-pubescent/Pubescent minors in nude or sexual situations. Exception is made for writing submissions as long as it's not detailed or presented in a titillating way. E.g. to convey a character endured sexual abuse is OK. Please make sure to also include a warning in the summary of your writing submission.

  • Additionally, our rules around spam have been reworded and clarified to the following:

> '''Don't be annoying'''. Don't flood the site with useless content like emotes/emojis or meaningless text.

> '''No spam/ads''' Don't abuse the services of PaperDemon for off-topic promotional purposes/spamming. Creating an account for the purpose of posting off topic advertisements (such as ads for cell phones, DOTA currency, homework completion services, etc) is not permitted.

> Exceptions: The no spam/ads rule '''does not apply''' to

* Artists promoting their online art stores (selling things like prints, ceramics, stickers, etc). Artists who wish to promote their online stores are welcome and encouraged to link and promote their shops.

* Art RPG players promoting sales/trades of their Art RPG items.

Read the complete ruleset here.

💬 Forum changes

We've added a new Marketplace forum where you can share commission information or post information on Art RPG item sales or trades.

The Personal, Relationships, Life Advice forum has been renamed to Emotional Support and Mental Health.

Several forums have been archived due to lack of use or replacement via discord.

  • Job board (Use the new Marketplace instead)

  • Comics and Manga (use Art instead)

  • Oekaki (oekaki features broke a while ago)

  • Image sharing (this is done via discord these days)

  • News, Current events, politics (we discourage these sorts of discussions now due to how heated conversations get)

  • Animation (use Art instead)

  • Music (people use discord instead)


PS: For sticking with this article until the end, I present you with a 🥐 joke.

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