July Developer updates

July Development updates

Every 1-3 months I give an update. This includes changes since our last developer update post.

We've had several releases since the last update: v5.1.0, v5.2.0, v5.2.1, v5.3.0, v5.4.0, v6.0.1, v7.0.0, v8.0.0, v8.0.1, v9.0.0 (most recent)

⭐ Notifications

I've introduced some improvements to our notifications system. I had to build a brand new notification/message center because we're planning to start introducing automated game related notifications for ARPG players such as AP counts, gold added to your banks, etc later down the line and it made sense to go forward with this transition now. I'm also consolidating the code that powers our comments system.

As a result of these changes, all art and blog comment notifications now appear in a new message center, while writing and comic comment notifications are still appearing in the old interface. This is temporary until we get everything migrated. By end of the year we'll be able to have everything in one place.

But for now, you'll be living between two different pages to manage these comment notifications. Thanks for bearing with us through this.

We also have improved the user menu interface on paperdemon.com/app/ to show you your notification count along with the relevant clicky clicky links to get you to your notifications more efficiently.

Blog Comments

Blog comments were just re-launched today! They function just like art comments.


[user 123] (without spaces) and @ username without spaces now work in art descriptions, blog posts, and art/blog comments. Support for [thumb 123] (without spaces) will be added in the coming weeks. It does not send the person a notification (yet). But that feature will get added eventually.

πŸ‘— Design and Rebrand

We introduced a new footer with are lovely new logo back in late May. I hope you enjoy the change. This harkens back to older versions of our site where we used to have a mascot present in the header or footer. I'm glad to bring back this little touch of fantasy.

And the logo itself is hand lettered and inspired by celtic knots and old storybook titles.

We also added better looking social icons.

What's coming

The what's coming is still much of what was listed in the last update in the What's coming section. Major upgrades to art, writing, comics are underway. I'm mostly dealing with lots of behind the scenes stuff to make this migration happen.

Thanks for reading and see you in the next update!

πŸ“ Change log

As you can see by the list below, I've been coding like crazy and fixing lots of bugs...


πŸ”¨ refactor (pm) verify recipients

πŸ”¨ refactor (pm) methods to send messages

πŸ‘— ui (forums) make the forum input box easier to use on mobile

πŸ”¨ refactor (pm) models and services

πŸ‘— ui (art) favorite and follow button changes

⭐ feat (tags) strip # in tag names

πŸ‘— ui (blogs) add edit buttons

πŸ‘— ui (filters) make checked state clearer

πŸ› fix (character) orphaned characters

⭐ feat (comments) gain xp for up to 25 comments per day

⭐ feat (comments) support [user] and @username in comments

⭐ feat (blogs) support [user] and @username in blog posts

⭐ feat (art) support [user] and @username in art descriptions

🍱 assets (news) easier access to arpg content

πŸ‘— ui (notifications) clarify delete button text

πŸ› fix (notifications) avatar images in email notices

⭐ feat (comments) permalinks

⭐ feat (blogs) show total comments

πŸ”¨ refactor (blogs) move comments to universal comments

πŸ› fix (notifications) add missing cron scripts to send email notifica…

πŸ‘— ui (subscriptions) make it clearer online vs email notices

🍱 assets (profile) link to community interaction form

πŸ”¨ refactor (art) add universal id

πŸ› fix (notifications) fix art url for red curtain art comments

⭐ feat (notifications) add pagination

⭐ feat (notifications) script to migrate old art comment notices

⭐ feat (comments) add universal comments in legacy header

πŸ”¨ refactor (comments) remove submission specific code from comments

⭐ feature (notifications) show total notifications in upper right

🐝 chore (app) ignore debug file

⭐ feat (notifications) reply to comments

πŸ”¨ refactor (comments) merge new comment components

⭐ feat (notifications) comments in new notificiation center

⭐ feat (notifications) email notice scripts

⭐ feat (notifications) utilities for emailing notices

πŸ”¨ refactor (notifications) send comments to new notifications

πŸ”¨ refactor (comments,notifications) shared constant for type

πŸ”¨ refactor (comments) legacy code updates for table changes

πŸ”¨ refactor (comments) genericize comment moderation api

πŸ”¨ refactor (comments) genericize json api interface

πŸ”¨ refactor (comments) art comments to universal comments

πŸ”¨ refactor (notifications) use json mysql type

πŸ”₯ prune (user) legacy migration scripts

πŸ“ docs (app) correct app startup

πŸ› fix (comments) cloud storage migration correction

⭐ feat (flags) paperdemon arpg queues

πŸ”¨ refactor (comments) remove exceptions, attachments

πŸ”¨ refactor (comments) use new comments api instead of old one

⭐ feat (comments) add api to moderate comments

πŸ”¨ refactor (comments) move components and services

πŸ”₯ prune (comments) remove abstract comment model

πŸ”¨ refactor (comments) move art comments to comments folder

πŸ”¨ refactor (comments) move attachments to the cloud (#527)

πŸ”¨ refactor (comments) store attachment image urls (#526)

πŸ› fix (forums) jr mods can't see mod controls

πŸ› fix (art) filters not working

πŸ‘½ compat (app) Angular, RXJS upgrades

πŸ› fix (art) filters not working

πŸ› fix (legacy-art) broken images footer roulette

πŸ› fix (legacy-app) template rendering bug

πŸ› fix (art) record hit when art viewed

πŸ‘— ui (flags) reconfigure dracostryx queue list (#516)

πŸ› fix (blogs) pagination

πŸ› fix (framework) multiple emoticons in a message

πŸ› fix (profile) support period in instagram handles

πŸ‘— ui (submissions) make manage buttons visible always

πŸ‘— ui (blogs) reduce confusion around first blog post and multi blogs

πŸ› fix (flags) primary artist missing from recipient list

πŸ› fix (news) fix home redirect

🍱 assets (art) file size message

🍱 assets (error pages) update 503

πŸ‘— ui (flags) misc usability improvements for ARPG mods

πŸ”¨ refactor (users) increase capacity for user ids and submission ids

πŸ”₯ prune (ads) delete ads component

πŸ”₯ prune (art) remove oekaki front end

πŸ”₯ prune (php) misc test files

πŸ”₯ prune (portal) backend portal files

πŸ”₯ prune (pages) front end and backend

πŸ‘— ui (blog) headings format in body of post

πŸ‘— ui (flags) remove level 2 requirement for arpg queue

πŸ‘— ui (account) style login error

πŸ› fix (art) user info missing for commenters

πŸ‡ perf (app) remove charts api

πŸ‘— ui (homepage) add social meta info and image