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A belated welcome to Mime Dogs Art Role Playing Game

Welcome Mime Dogs

Greetings PaperDemons.

This actually happened a while back but I had never posted an announcement for it. Oops.

But I'm happy to announce that MimeDogs ARPG joined us back in June of this year. If you're interested in drawing cute floof balls to get motivated to draw more, check out their art role playing game.

Just a heads up, Mime Dogs is still a work in progress so not all game activities are ready for participation. Their activities range from relaxing activities like gardening and cooking to more energetic activities like hunting and guild quests.

Welcome Mime Dogs community! We're excited to have you join us.

Here's the full description:


Sympan is a small, peaceful world inhabited by Mime Dogs: small, furred mammals that develop their own appearance as experiences arrive to them. Each Mime Dog's appearance has a lifetime of stories, experiences, and emotions behind it, making it always exciting to meet a new one.

Our ARPG centers around the small, relaxed lives of these little creatures, but the world is full of different, fantastic species that can be befriended- and sometimes battled- during each journey.

Mime Dogs enjoy activities such as gardening and cooking, as well as scavenging and crafting things; some of them join the mighty Mime Guild to explore more of Sympan and go on adventures, as well as help those they find along the way, while others simply wait for the next seasonal festival to arrive.


Get started with Mime Dogs ARPG

Also check out their Discord server