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Welcome Orchestria Art Role Playing Game

Welcome Orchestria

Another Art Role Playing Game joins the PaperDemon roster.

Please give a warm welcome to Orchestria, an Art RPG by PaperDemon's very own DigiQWill, a member of our volunteer team. This is a brand new Art RPG that has not been hosted anywhere else.


Ride skies and plains, Iyons and Maevies through 0r(5712)'s ever-evolving story, in a world full of history, waiting to bloom to a future greater.

Enjoy Iyons, firefly-esque wind riding creatures, and Maevies, ''glorified donkeys!'' land mammals with gem'd hearts!

Enjoy the perks of 0r(5712) stage 1 : your characters will be given the status of Origin once 0r(5712) stage 1 ends; you'll have the liberty of glitch finding and bug squashing 🐛; and the ability to have unique, ''illegal'' designs 😊

(Origin status comes with some really cool, 100% optional perks that will be revealed at a later date)


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