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Welcome Kahuvaa Art Role Playing Game

Welcome Kahuvaa

Greetings PaperDemons! I'm proud to announce another Art Role Playing Game has joined PaperDemon called Kahuvaa.


Welcome to the world of Kahuvaa, an ungulate art role playing game (ARPG). We offer a collaborative world building community focused on creating a more immersive and engaging environment which is brimming with possibilities for adventure. Kahuvaa is home to numerous ungulate species (with an emphasis on equine), offering ever-expanding opportunities for players to discover new environments, characters, and game mechanics.


They are a small group that was previously hosted on DeviantArt while they were going through their beta testing phase. Unfortunately, when the Eclipse version of DeviantArt was launched their game had to be put on hold. We're excited to have them come over and reboot their game here on PaperDemon.

The owners, ParadoxSketchbook and Paintset, are currently recruiting for testers for Kahuvaa now. If you're interested in becoming a tester for this Art RPG, check out the Seeking Testers post in the forums.


Get started with Kahuvaa


Artwork in image above is by AmillionLights