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[Art Challenge] OC-tober Prompt list

OC-tober prompts

Greetings PaperDemons. October is here and this month we're participating in OC-tober. "OC" stands for "Original Character" and is the perfect challenge for our community since so many of us here like to draw our own original characters.

Participation in our Art RPG is not required to participate in this challenge. This is a stand alone challenge. Drawing your original character that you registered for the PaperDemon Art RPG is highly encouraged but you may use any of your original characters.

How to participate

  1. For each day of the month of October[1], create a work of art of your original characters using the prompt for that day. It can be as simple as a sketch. It does not need to be a finished piece.

  2. Submit your artwork by December 1st, 2020[2] and tag it with oc-tober.

  3. Put the prompt as the title of the artwork or in the description.

  4. At the end of the month, visit the portal and collect your XP. You'll earn 40 XP for each entry.

[1] We know drawing every day is too much for most people so feel free to adapt this challenge to something more realistic for you such as every other day or every week.

[2] We're expecting this challenge to be more popular so we're extending the deadline to give you two full months.

If you want to do more finished works, you can submit your art in stages and tag each stage (e.g. sketch, lineart, color) and get XP for each stage.

Prompt list

Below is a list of prompts to help spark your creativity but you may also use another prompt list or come up with your own. You do not need to use the same OC for all of them.

If you're only doing one per week, feel free to pick one prompt from each group that you like the most.

Week 1: Getting warmed up

  1. A simple OC sketch

  2. An OC as a kid

  3. A friend's OC

  4. An OC that is an anthro, or your OC as an anthro

  5. Your OC with another OC

  6. Your OC with a pet

  7. Your OC casting a spell or using magic

Week 2: Fashion and Dress up

  1. Dressed like a celebrity

  2. A new outfit

  3. A silly outfit

  4. As a kemonomimi

  5. In a halloween costume

  6. Evening wear

  7. As a Paper Demon

Week 3: Having an Experience

  1. (Write your own experience prompt)

  2. Going camping

  3. Doing something they enjoy

  4. Making a discovery

  5. Eating

  6. Making or eating candy or treats

  7. In Love

Week 4: Getting Emotional

  1. Grumpy

  2. Happy

  3. Sad

  4. Curious

  5. Shiny

  6. Fear or Worry

  7. Surprise

Week 5: OC-tober is almost over

  1. In a different medium

  2. In a different art style

  3. (Free day)