[Art RPG] More AP Rewards Challenge

More AP Rewards

Greetings PaperDemons. As announced in The Laboratory challenge, we introduced a new mechanic to the PaperDemon Art RPG, Ability points.

We've got a couple of additional ways you can redeem AP (Ability Points) for your character detailed below along with some answers to common PDARPG questions.

AP Rewards for (almost) any art of your character

One of the reasons we created the Art RPG in the first place was to help motivate you to create more. To help give you some additional support, we're now offering an AP reward for creating art of your registered character outside of PaperDemon Art RPG challenges. For example, if you just create a drawing of your character or write a story of your character for fun, unprompted, it counts toward ranking up your character.

We are accepting any art of your character created after October 1st 2020. This includes art of your character created for OC-tober.

Read the Non-challenge Character art wiki article for requirements and details on how to redeem your AP rewards.

AP Rewards for previously completed ARPG challenges

Many of our early players are likely wondering whether they can claim AP for older Art RPG submissions. The answer is YES!

Our older challenges, including all of the Apprenticeship challenges and all Portals, have been updated with a new AP reward.

If you participated in one of these challenges before we announced Ability Points, you can resubmit your artwork to the proper queue for AP redemption like so:

  1. View your artwork submission

  2. Make sure your art is tagged with your character's unique id. For writing, make sure the summary of the story contains the character id. See Tagging your character.

  3. Submit your work to the queue by viewing your submission, clicking the [Add to ARPG Queue] button

  4. For Portal challenges, choose PaperDemon ARPG > Portals.
    For Apprenticeship challenges, choose PaperDemon ARPG > Characters and Training.

  5. In the comments field of the request, add the following:

Challenge: [Name of challenge/portal]

Request for backdated AP counting

An admin from our team will process your request and grant your character 7 AP in the character sheet. You'll receive a private message when the process is complete.

More Art RPG info

We've gotten a few questions lately that I also wanted to take the time to answer...

Can you still hand in art for older Art RPG challenges?

It depends on the challenge.

There is no deadline for the Apprenticeship challenges as these are core to setting up your character for participation in the Art RPG. Feel free to go at these at your own pace. Eventually completion of all of these challenges will be required before you can battle and visit portals.

Some portals, like The Laboratory, are seasonal and have deadlines. Other portals, like Avangard, are open permanently and have no deadline.

Where can I see a list of active challenges?

If you visit the player's portal, you can see a list of challenges offering XP rewards, including non-ARPG challenges. You can also visit the wiki homepage.

Are there ever going to be 1 on 1 battles, or are we only doing the group ones?

For now, we're only planning to have group battles but later next year we can look at adding one on one battles.

Where can I view my total AP?

Our spreadsheet for tracking characters has personal information that players may not want public so for that reason we aren't able to display it anywhere publicly yet. We're still working on getting an integrated character database feature on PaperDemon.com. Once that feature is live, we can make the character data public and your character information will appear from a link on your profile.

Even more answers in our wiki

Miriam-chan has been helping me get a lot of the new mechanics documented in our wiki (Thank you Miriam-chan!). If you ever have questions about the Art RPG, check the wiki Art RPG section first. If you still have questions, ask away in our discord server.

Happy art-ing.