[Art RPG] Boss Fight - Avangard

Boss Fight Dec 2020

Greetings PaperDemons. It's time for something out of the ordinary, a BATTLE! This challenge begins December 2nd, 2020 and will run until the boss has been defeated.

The Enemy

Perpetual motion machine

HP: 0/3,000

Element: Sky

The boss has been defeated!

A handful of years ago, Avangard’s engineers built a perpetual motion machine that was intended to propel the fleet through the skies together. The machine worked a little too well, whipping up hurricane force winds that sent the fleet scrambling to fly out of its range. Since then, the fleet navigators have steered well clear of the machine, but they can’t avoid it forever.

The citizens of Avangard have asked for your help...


  • 20 gold per attack

  • 200 gold for striking the winning blow

  • (Optional) 30XP for art boosts. If you do any art boosts, tag your art with pdarpgbattle for 30 XP per entry.


NOTE: In future battles, completion of the Talisman challenge and Latent Element Challenge will be required. We are waiving these requirements for this battle to allow more people to participate.

How to participate

Know your abilities

Because we're still balancing the game mechanics, you do NOT need to take special action or spend AP to get these abilities. You'll be granted them automatically for this battle only. The abilities available to you depends on your character's latent element.



  • Sky attack

  • Rainbow Revere

  • Duocast: Lightning



  • Water attack

  • Healing Rain

  • Duocast: Shadow



  • Earth Attack

  • Lunatic Geotic

  • Duocast: Shadow



  • Fire attack

  • Secondsies

  • Duocast: Lightning


For more information on these abilities including what they do, check the Abilities wiki. Learn more about battles in the Battles Wiki including how to do an art or writing boost to increase your attack power.



  1. If you haven't yet completed the Latent Elemental Challenge, choose a latent element (Fire, Water, Sky, Earth) to use for this battle. Your choice is not permanent until you complete the Latent Element challenge. But you must use the same element the entire battle.

  2. View the battle forum thread and click "Follow this forum" to get notifications.

  3. If you're boosting, draw and submit a sketch or written story for your art/writing boost

  4. Click Reply at the bottom of this page or on the forum thread and paste the form under "Attack Form" below to indicate who your character is and what ability/attack you wish to use.

  5. Within a few days, one of our mods will reply with the details of the success of your attack.

  6. Repeat step 3-5 until the boss is vanquished. You may attack once per day.

Need help? Ask in our discord server or message our staff. Miriam-chan and Shyftlock are going to be operating the battle so message them if you need help.

Hint: Watch what other players do. What attacks do the most damage? Work together! Once players uncover what elements the boss is weak to, we'll update the boss details above.

Your Allies

Here is a list of players, their characters, their elements, and their HP. You can use this to help you pick who to Duocast with and see who might need Healing Support!

Attack form

Copy/paste the form below. Delete and replace the notes in parenthesis.

Character: (link the ARPG character you made for the Character Creation Challenge.)

Latent Element: (Fire, Sky, Earth, Water. You must use the same element for the entire battle.)

Ability: (See abilities list above. If healing, note who the healing is meant for-- your character or another player’s character.)

Duocast partner: (If you're doing a duocast, note which character you are pairing up with. Make sure that you get permission from that character’s owner first! Only one of the Duocasting players needs to submit the form, but it counts for both players’ attacks that day.)

Art/Writing Boost: (If applicable, include a link to your submission. For art, use [bigthumb 123] without spaces and replace 123 with the id of the artwork to make your art show in the forum post.)



Boss concept and prompt by Shyftlock. Boss art by BogusRed.