[Art RPG] Packing and Crafting

Packing and crafting

This challenge will be slightly different from the rest-- you’ll be learning some of the mechanics of the game instead of creating art. Consider this one a bit of a freebie and take your time exploring the site!

While your wits and your magic will take you far, you’ll need armor and other equipment to keep you in tip top shape. Fighting monsters and exploring the realms will occasionally reward you with Gold, which you can use to purchase armor, weapons, and items you’ll need to survive and thrive in the Paperverse.

You can use your Gold to purchase new items in the store, but that’s not all! You can craft special items from the items you purchase or scrounge up in your explorations. New items and crafting recipes are being developed all the time-- remember to sign up for our newsletter to be kept up to date on exciting developments and items.

Challenge instructions

Step 1

Step 2

  • Click on your icon in the top right of the page on PaperDemon.com
  • Select “Groups”
  • Click on “PaperDemon Art RPG”
  • Click the [Join Group] button. This adds a quicker link to the PDARPG store and more in the Inn
  • Click on the tab titled “Shop”
  • Purchase x2 Thread and x4 Cloth

Step 3

  • Fill out a Crafting request. Make the request for Kitemail by filling out the form and hitting [submit].
  • Wait for one of our staff members to DM you to let you know that your crafting request was successful! Your Kitemail and Challenge Rewards will appear in your inventory.
  • There is no deadline for this challenge. This is part of your character's basic training and will be a required challenge to have completed before you can proceed with upcoming challenges.

Step 4

  • Navigate to your character's page by going to your profile and clicking the "Characters" tab and selecting your PD ARPG character.
  • Click the "Equip Item" button on your character's page.
  • Search "Kitemail" and select it.
  • Click the "Equip Kitemail" button.
  • Your character is now equipped with Kitemail! The Kitemail icon should display on your character's page, and its effects will be applied in the next battle you participate in.


  • 150 Gold
  • x1 Kitemail