Grand Opening Sale - Oodles of new Items!

2021 Grand Opening sale

Greetings PaperDemons. If you can believe it, it's been a whole year since we first launched our Art RPG with the Character creator challenge. I'm proud of how far we've come and I'm excited to tell you about all the cool new items we've been working on that are now available to you.

Fundraising Goal

$100/$100 earned


WOW Thank you all so much for your generosity. We reached our funding goal in just 2 days.

Premium Currency

I'm pleased to announce our new Premium currency, Trokens. Trokens can be used to purchase items that further customize your character and help save you time. Continue into this post to see some of the cool new items you can buy with Trokens.

[Buy Trokens]

Use Coupon code grand-opening for 20% off all Trokens through May 28th. Click "+Add a coupon code" after you add the item to your cart.


If you want Trokens but don't have the funds, check out the Trokens page to learn more about other ways you can earn them.

Premium Premade Character

The lovely Shyftlock has graced us with their artistic abilities and crafted a one-of-a-kind premium character available for purchase. This character comes with an element of your choice: Fire, Earth, Water, or Sky.

[Buy Corgi Premade Character] - SOLD OUT

Grand Opening Collectable

Purchase our premium currency or our Premium character by June 30th and earn this special limited edition Grand Opening collectable.


New Premium items

I'm pleased to announce we now have brand new premium items available for sale that you can purchase with our new Trokens currency to help you customize your character.

Adoptable characters

Have you been interested in playing the PaperDemon Art RPG but don't have an original character to work with? We have these lovely pre-made characters designed by Gusteon available for 180 Trokens each.

Grey Canine

Sky Elemental
180 Trokens

Lime Canine

Earth Elemental
180 Trokens

Maroon Canine

Fire Elemental
180 Trokens

Junket Tank

Half of our challenges are seasonal with the portals only being stable for a limited time. Use a Junket Tank to repair an unstable portal and visit it whenever you want. In other words, you can use this item to participate in a challenge which has already passed, giving you extra time.

[Buy Junket Tank]

x1 for 100 Trokens


This beautiful crystal lets you customize the elemental powers of your character. It's name was inspired by our staff member, Alexandria, who goes by "Sha" for short.

[Buy Elemensha]

x1 for 100 Trokens

Magic Forge

This lovely item was designed to save you time and resources. Use one magic forge with any craft recipe to halve the needed resources to complete the crafting.

[Buy Magic Forge]

x3 for 50 Trokens

Rare Aster

Aster is a material you can use to craft armor. You can customize the color of your armor by purchasing the colored Aster you want. Some colors are rarer than others. These rare colors are only available for purchase with Trokens.

[Buy Rainbow Aster]

Customize your armor to be any combination of colors you want with Rainbow Aster

x1 for 20 Trokens

Other new items

Here are some other great items we've added to the store to enhance your character that you can purchase with gold.

Common Aster

Craft armor with Aster. These colors are more commonly found in the Paperverse and can be purchased with gold.

Red Aster

x1 for 50 gold

Orange Aster

x1 for 50 gold

Silver Aster

x1 for 50 gold

Elemental Pearls

Craft these together with Aster and an Armor kit to create elemental armor. All are 100 gold each.

Sky Pearl

x1 for 100 gold

Water Pearl

x1 for 100 gold

Fire Pearl

x1 for 100 gold

Earth Pearl

x1 for 100 gold

Armor kits

Artwork for these is still being made but you can still purchase them from the shop.

Helmet Armor kit | Chest plate armor kit | Greaves Armor Kit

Ready to spend your gold or Trokens? Head on over to the shop.

[Visit the shop]

Don't have Trokens yet? Head to our Square store to purchase them.

Use Coupon code grand-opening for 20% off all Trokens through May 28th

[Buy Trokens]


A general note about monetization

Our Art RPG may be free, but it's not free to operate. Your purchase of our premium items help support our staff and cover our hosting costs. We greatly appreciate any support you can provide us.

We understand that you might have concerns about our game becoming "pay to play". We want to keep the game fair while still having a way to monetize. Generally, our premium items don't offer any mechanical advantage over other items and premium items are still accessible without paying. Rest assured we've got experienced folks from the ARPG community, consulting with us to make sure paying money doesn't result in a game-play advantage.

Details about ways to obtain Trokens without paying money can be found on the Trokens page.


  • 5/20/2021 - fix pronouns, update fundraising status, mark premium character as sold out
  • 5/21/2021 - add deadline for getting collectable, update funding goal