[Art Challenge] 2021 Pride Celebration!

Pride 2021 header graphic

Greetings PaperDemons! Our LGBTQ+ community members face challenges and struggles in their lives due to their identities, but also deep joy. Here at PaperDemon, we hope to be one of those joys for you.

Across the internet, LGBTQ+ creators are stifled by barricades put into place by website algorithms and targeted harassment. We want our space to be not just tolerant but actively welcoming and inclusive year round to LGBTQ+ creators of all stripes, especially LGBTQ+ NSFW creators who have a hard time finding places where their work can be posted and stay posted.

This year, we’re offering a special challenge to highlight our LGBTQ+ creators, their allies, and their creations!

Challenge Requirements

  • Submit any creative work related to Pride to PaperDemon.com in the month of June

  • Tag it with #Pride2021.

There are no restrictions or requirements for this challenge other than those. Let loose and have fun!

Your piece, along with all the other submissions, will be featured in the #Pride2021 tag gallery.

People of any gender and sexuality may submit work for this challenge. We will not be checking your identity, please participate as you are comfortable to!

Submitting For Rewards

Upon completing this challenge, you can redeem your XP in The Inn, and submit your work to the ARPG queue from your work’s page by June 30, 2021.

Challenge Rewards


2021 Pride Collectable

(Optional) Challenge Prompts

Not sure what to do? Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

  • Paint flowers in the colors of an LGBTQ+ flag

  • Write a short abstract poem

  • Draw a picture of an LGBTQ+ OC who belongs to you or one of your friends

  • Paint a scene with a rainbow

  • Write a personal piece on your LGBTQ+ experience

  • Design a cute animal in Pride colors

  • Draw a comic that discusses an aspect of Pride that’s important to you

  • Post a spicy LGBTQ+ Piece in the Red Curtain, the adult section of our site