Rule and Tag changes

Greetings PaperDemons!

There have been a few revisions to our tags and site rules we wanted to make you aware of and provide some further explanation.

Warning: this article contains references to some mature terminology and some content that may be triggering.


Art Tag and Gallery renaming

Some of our tags/galleries have been renamed as follows. This change was done months ago but I didn't officially announce it yet.

  • Mpreg --> PregnantMen
  • FeralLove --> FeralSex 
  • MenLovingMen --> MaleXMale
  • WomenLovingWomen --> FemaleXFemale
  • MenLovingWomen --> MaleXFemale
  • GenderDiverseRomance --> GenderDiversePairing
  • feet --> FeetFetish
Most of these changes were made following feedback from the community that love and sex are two different things. And a sexual pairing doesn't necessarily indicate love. Some of the terms were also either unclear or outdated so were renamed for clarity.

Moved to Red Curtain

The following tags have been moved to Red Curtain. If you submit artwork entries with this type of content it must be marked mature and contain the relevant tag (which you will have the option to do upon submission)
  • AbuseAndTorture
  • FeetFetish
  • gore
  • inflation
Prior to the change, these four tags were visible when submitting a non-adult submission. From community feedback we heard that these terms may be inappropriate for us to be exposing to the minors in our community given the maturity or sexual context. Even though submissions containing feet or inflation aren't necessarily sexually explicit, they have a sexual context which means they better fall in our adult section. With regard to abuse, torture, and gore content, if this were to appear in a movie or video game, it would likely be rated R (for movie) or M (mature for games) which suggest its for adults only. So we decided to adjust our rules to place this content in the Red Curtain only. Now these tags will no longer appear when minors are submitting content on the submission page. They will appear when submitting a mature submission.
We added the following filter tags to the PD section because there is some content that is somewhat related to Abuse, Torture, and Gore that aren't quite mature enough to land in the Red Curtain.
  • Aggression (intended as a softer replacement for abuse and torture)
    • Physical or verbal attacks that shows two or more individuals in conflict. Examples: Shouting, arguing, or a threatening posture.
      You do not need to use this tag for combat or sparring unless one of the characters involved has a threatening/aggressive expression or posture.
      If your submission depicts physical abuse, please mark it as mature and use the abuse tag instead.
  • MildBodyHorror

Tags may be triggering

Related to this we've also received feedback that seeing some of these tags while submitting can be triggering. We have an open feature request to filter out tags from the submit page that you've enabled as a filter in your filter settings. Feel free to upvote it.
As always, if any of this content makes you uncomfortable, please adjust your filter settings so that you can customize your browsing experience.

Is tagged art no longer visible on homepage?

No. Filtering does not impact the visibility of your submissions generally. It is not intended as a punishment for posting content with triggering or mature themes. The purpose of tagging your art is to allow those who are triggered by or prefer not to see certain content to opt-out of it. If your art has been tagged with one of these filters, it will STILL be visible on the site and homepages of the non-mature or mature sections depending on which section you submitted it to. The exception to this is for users who've specifically marked one of these tags to be filtered, those specific users will NOT see the art.
Labeling your art with a filter tag does not mean it's filtered for everyone. It's only filtered for those who opted-out of seeing art of that specific tag.
For example, if you submit a new non-mature art and tag it with #aggression, it will be visible on the PaperDemon homepage for almost everyone. Only users who turned on the #aggression filter will not see it.

If you have additional feedback or questions on our tagging system, please feel free to reply to this post! We do listen to your feedback!

Thank you!



  • On 7/19/2021 we revised the agression tag to NOT include physical combat and sparring. Additional clarification added above. Also added new section to clarify how tagging impacts the visibility of your submission.