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In Portal Challenges, you will be introduced to a brand new world for your character to travel to. Portal Challenges are a little more difficult than other challenges, but they offer exclusive items.

Mature content is allowed for portal submissions as long as it's labeled mature.


For completing a portal challenge, you will earn:

Your character will earn

About Portal Badges

As your OC journeys to different portals, they'll earn a triangular patch or badge similar to this one

Avangard badge

The exact details of the rewards differ from portal to portal so check the portal challenge details for more specific reward information. See Who gets the reward? for answers on how rewards work with art trades/commissions/collaborations.

Open Portals

Some portals are Stable, meaning they are always open. Others are unstable and carry deadlines. Click the article to verify the deadline. Some challenges have deadline extensions.

New portals are introduced every season. To get notified, please join the mailing list or Discord server.

Closed Portals

The following portals have closed.

Want to complete a closed portal?

Junket Tank

Purchase a Junket Tank with Trokens which will allow you to complete a prompt past the deadline..


Campaigns are longer, multipart challenges that involve an interactive story. The rewards are much higher than a portal challenge but typically take place in a specific portal.