2021 Holiday Sale - Introducing Character Bases!

2021 Holiday sale

Seasons Greetings PaperDemons!

It's time for our holiday sale where we announce lots of new goodies along with discounts.

Today we're announcing a new item in our premium shop, Character Bases. We've also got a few new Companions as well. Some of these you may have seen in our black friday bundles but we wanted to announce them here, too, in case you missed them.

We DO in fact accept Paypal. Instructions on how to make a purchase via Paypal are located at the bottom of our premium shop.

NOTE: please expect delays in order fulfillment while our staff spends time with our family and friends for the holidays.

Announcing Character Bases

Are you wanting to participate in the PaperDemon Art RPG but don't have a character to get started? Or perhaps you'd like to grow your collection of characters or you're a writer but want to have a visual of your character on your character sheet. We are happy to announce we now have character bases you can use to jump start your character creation.

We have three different Steampunk themed sets available. Demon, Elf, and Wolf along with a bundle that includes all three. Each base comes with a nude base, steampunk clothed base, and 4 or more head/hair variations on different layers in high resolution PSD format which can be opened by most art programs. You're welcome to use these as-is and color them in or alter them to customize to your heart's delight.

These character bases are ON SALE through January 14th, 2022. After that, the prices are going up to $15 per base and $25 for the bundle!

Steampunk Character base bundle

Steampunk Character base bundle

Includes Demon, Elf, and Wolf PSDs



PaperDemon Character base

Steampunk Demon character base PSD



Elf Character base

Steampunk Elf character base PSD



Wolf Character base

Steampunk Wolf character base PSD




We are offering discounts to celebrate the new year and help you get more mileage out of the PaperDemon Art RPG in 2022.

Use coupon code holiday21 at checkout to get 25% off our 110, 225, and 550 Troken packages and 1300 Gold package. This discount lasts through January 14th, 2022.


[Buy Trokens or Gold]

What are Trokens? Trokens are our game's premium currency. They can be used to purchase items like the Elemensha to customize your character's element, Bookwyrm Bookmarks and Junket Tanks to complete challenges past the deadline, and companions to get more item drops from your random drop rolls.

2021 Holiday Collectable

Make a purchase or become a patron now through January 14th, 2022 to get this special 2021 Holiday Collectible. All current Patrons will also get this collectable.

Holiday collectable

Become a Patron

$2/month rewards:

You'll get access to sneak peaks and behind the scenes content of the PaperDemon Art RPG including

  • game mechanics, sketches, and game art

  • methods and processes for creating the game to help inspire and guide you in creation of your own ARPG

  • early access to challenges, giving you more time to participate

  • once you accumulate $10 in contributions, you'll earn the Patreon collectable

$5/month rewards:

  • Everything in the $2 tier PLUS

  • 20 Spirit points per month which you can use for purchasing mystery boxes

  • Access to occasional vlogs where I share behind the scenes of what I'm creating and what's going on with PaperDemon and PaperDemonMedia.

[Become a Patron]

New Companions

Companions are little critters you can purchase and equip to your character to give your character special benefits. This batch of companions will get you an extra item roll when you complete any challenge that gives you a random item drop (including Bi-weekly Character Development challenges and Portals), allowing you to get even more rewards for every piece of art you create.

You're limited to equipping one companion per character. In the future we'll allow more companions to be equipped based on how high your character's rank is.

Avangard companion

Avangard companion

[Buy for 50 Trokens]


Feindfox companion

Feindfox Companion

This companion can be obtained for free by completing all three chapters of the Eventide Ring Campaign. Chapter 3 has not yet been released but is coming soon!

[Buy for 50 Trokens]


Fletcher companion

Fletcher Companion

[Buy for 50 Trokens]


Shoutout to Justin Ho for contributing character base art and Lauren Lee and Black-Nocturne for contributing item art to this sale.

💖 We appreciate your support 💖

Our Art RPG and website may be free, but it's not free to operate. Your purchase of our premium items help us cover costs associated with helping the neurodivergent creative community get motivated to create. This includes staff costs, content creation, advertising, hosting, and other operational costs. We greatly appreciate any support you can provide us so we can reach more neurodivergent creatives.

Have feedback?

What do you think of this sale? Let us know in the comments what items you're most excited about and if you have requests for new items or character bases.