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Nosebleed Kazekage

Posted Jul 11, 2007, 9:39:18 PM

one of my best pics so far. i hope it doesn't look too realistic and won't break any rules...

Gaara is from Naruto, © Masashi Kishimoto

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  • Jul 30, 2007
    OMFG INSTANT NOSE BLEED Looooooove this lemmi know when you do one of Kankuro *Fanning self* ROFL
    • Aug 1, 2007
      Kankuro?.. hmm, seems like a nice idea, i might try it Wink
      • Aug 1, 2007
        *Excited* Awsome can't wait to see it when it's done Dance
      • Aug 1, 2007
        Let me know when you did a pic of Kankuro Big Smile Dance
        • Aug 1, 2007
          i will Smile
          • Aug 1, 2007
            *Excited* Wooh! Dance

            BTW can you do me a big favor? I have a Line Art.. not yet completed titled "Raven Nude" Uhh Laughing I cannot seem for the very life of me draw the man's penis.. sheesh.. how horrible is that? Cry How imbaressing.. after I dunoo how many life like drawing classes I've attended.

            Anyway, my current pic has the page currled up at the corner
            Lemmi know Smile
            • Aug 2, 2007
              hehe, most people would think otherwise and find drawing penises embarrassing, not the inability to do so Corky Smile

              of course, i can help you with it! Very Happy all you have to do is upload the unfinished pic without curled page effect in high res (as high as possible) somewhere (i dunno... to your sketchbook?) or send it to me at, and just wait Big Smile
              • Aug 2, 2007
                Ok I just now sent you an email Smile of my Nude Raven pic Dance

                Point is of my character.. He's a Fierisan horse Demon (think of the move Sleepy Hollow the headless horseman's horse Smile )Anyways.. he's uh sorta hung like a horse ROFL
                oh side acke.. laughing to much ;p
                Lemmi know Big Smile
                • Aug 10, 2007
                  i'm finally done:

                  hope you like it Corky Smile
  • Jul 27, 2007
    Oh wow! This is really hot ^ ^
    I like it....a lot Heart
  • Jul 13, 2007
    Nope you are not breaking any rules. Nice work on this. I like how the firey characteristics of his head hair is reciprocated else where ^.^
    • Jul 14, 2007
      thanx! it's just that i've read in the rules that no work that was intended to look realistic is allowed, and being new to PaperDemon, I thought that could mean that only cel-shaded or flat-coloured pics are accepted...
      • Jul 14, 2007
        Basically if the work looks like a photograph from a porn magazine, we can't allow it. But if we can see that it is an illustration then your work is safe. So far we have never deleted any illustrated work that looked too much like a photograph.
        • Jul 15, 2007
          that's more clear now, thanx!

          it was confusing because people usually strive for their art to look more realistic, and one of the best comments you can get is "hey, this looks almost like a photograph!" Smile
      • Jul 14, 2007
        Hi again. I just reviewed the site rules and saw how the rule about pornography could be potentially turning away many artists. I've removed the rule 'banning pornography' because I don't believe people understand what our site's definition of pornography is. Basically, if the work's only intention is to arouse the viewer, that is not art and does not belong in our galleries. I've revised the rules to reflect this.
        • Jul 15, 2007
          thanx! now i understand what you mean: you are not against realism, but against tasteless art. that makes much more sense.
  • Jul 11, 2007
    o.o are you on y!? anyway, I've seen a number of naked Gaara pics, but this one has got to be my favorite out of the lot I've seen. Great job ^^
    • Jul 12, 2007
      thanx! Smile yes, i'm on y!g, check under the same name, and you can find 60 more pics there, and it's mostly Gaara Corky Smile make sure you're logged in, most of it is filtered out because of nudity and other naughty bits...