Posted Aug 3, 2007, 3:05:28 AM

O M G I'm EXHAUSTED! I pulled an all nighter to do this xD LOL <3 But I LOVE the outcome. ^__^ I'm hoping she will too when I give it to her... sneaking around her mother xD Maybe I should show her and wait until her 18th b-day to actually give it to her xD

I'm hoping it's not my sleep deprived eyes fooling me and that this really is as pretty as I think it is xD A mix of copics and sharpies xD Wee <3 An' dun ask why Sun (the red head) has no highlights in his hair xD I got mad at them and coloured them in. I might add some with acrylic later, maybe. *shrug* I personally think it looks fine >.> But whatever Heheh

Sun and Myu are cute lil lovers and they're sneaking around to have sex while their master is away. He forbids them to love each other anymore, but they still do! ^_^

Sun (c) Rainiy (@sheezyart)
Myu (c) Tetsumiro ^^

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  • Aug 4, 2007
    Cute! I like the floor and the door, they look really nicely colored. Corky Smile
    • Aug 5, 2007
      ^^ Thank you <3 I'm glad the door turned out nicely xD I worked on it for 2 hours or so @__@;