Posted Aug 7, 2007, 8:23:56 AM

Ah hell, maybe I shoulda posted this at dA just to see what they'd say. Ah well.

Anyways, this a obviously a variation on my piece, Kagome Take Four W.I.P. One of the infamous nine of mine taken down for content elsewhere.

Aside from Kagome's, ahem, condition lol, I did redo some of the BG as well. ;) Am still kinda new at this digital stuff, so Ive been trying out different techniques and that.

And I dont own, so dont sue... am broke anyways. ;)

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  • Sep 3, 2007
    This is adorable version!! I would have to Say Kagome is glowing with maternal pride! How did Inuyasha take the news?
    • Sep 4, 2007

      And I think Inu not only bit down everyone of his claws, hes so nervous, but has followed her everywhere she goes, lol.

      Kami Inu, shes pupped, not made of glass, lmao. Tongue
      • Sep 4, 2007
        Poor Inu.. he is more stressed and emotional than Kagome is and she's the one pregnant! LOL!! I would love to see a story on this!
        • Sep 4, 2007
          As I recall, theres to be a lil one shot made for it, thats why it was never posted before now.
          When I did this one, I totally redid Kagome. With the program I have, once you do something like the skin tones, its really hard to match em totally, so I just redid that part. As well as the BG. I was experimenting on making leaves, lol.
          • Sep 4, 2007
            Oh! Where is it? Do you remember? and I loves it!! Will you be posting the others?
            • Sep 5, 2007
              I have a few different versions for Kags here, carrying and not, lol... dA took them down as well tho. The other I was experimenting on her head postion with her eyes closed and head back. Also made a 'pupped' version of that one as well.

              I did try putting Inu behind the tree in one... he was spying on her, lol. Tongue I dont think I posted that one anywhere ATM.

              As for the one shot, it'll get made when she has the time... and when shes not so blocked, so all is OK with that.
              • Sep 5, 2007
                Oh! I would love to see the series posted! Bounces happily! and really there will be a story? Yay!
                • Sep 5, 2007
                  Yea, as far as I know theres to be a story. but I know shes been havin some really back block as of late, so whenever the mood strikes is good for me. Wink

                  And I recently posted Kagome Smiles here, the one with a sneeking Inu behind the tree. Ah, he needs some work tho, lol :p

                  Am trying to get most of my piece posted at IE. So will have to see how that goes. You do have an album there ya know. sShe added your piece to her there.

                  But also when ya post there, pieces dont just show up right away. They have to be approved first, which is more for the age thing than anything else. Yours will go through no prob cuz she knows youre of age, lol.